True Insights from a Russian woman.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

What a Russian woman needs-

 true insights from a Russian woman.

A lot of Russian woman want so much to marry foreign men. Why? It just because there is very few single men in Russia and other Russian countries with who women eager to create real family.
The good men have already got married when they were the students. Women do not want to split other families to be with the man and they do not want husband-alcoholic. There are mama’s boys that have never made an independent decision in their life. Husbands that cannot feed the family are not wanted too. But actually there are some men that are able but however woman cannot say anything against – only an opinion of the man is valued. The opinion of women is not valued. This is also not an option.
For Russian woman, like anyone else in the world, is very important to feel that she is “as safely as behind a stone wall”. And who is able to measure truly the man’s power? - Only frail woman that likes to be protected, namely Russian woman, rather than masculine European woman. She, Russian woman, cannot live without having a man as her personal hero- to champion her life and her efforts. She truly needs a real man next to her reminds her that he cares for her via his words and actions.
Russian women would like sincere, honest relationship based on love, trust and loyalty, moreover, stable future and confidence in the future for themselves and their children. This is what Russian women want. They want to trust and relax knowing that the husbands are always thinking about them and not let them down. This makes Russian women strong and happy.
It is possible to respect the men, want to be with them, trust them, but it is all wrong. It is very important for men to feel that they are loved by someone. And only in Russia there are women left that are not spoiled by ideas of feminism that can not only receive love but also sincerely and selflessly give love and consideration.
Beauty and kind temper of Russian women have been famous since olden time around the world and their support to husband in hard situation, patience, thrift, are appreciated by men all over the world. Many foreigners attracted by a mysterious female soul that is prone to self-sacrifice and forgiveness. Every man wants to have next to him the woman that loves and understand rather than a strong partner.

An advantage of our women is thrift. It is historically formed that a good wife should cook delicious food for her husband, take care of the purity of his shirts and comfort of a house. She will lay the table, serve her own cooked meal, put the head of a family the best pieces, prepare his work clothes for tomorrow.
Another advantage is a wish to have children. Slavic girls will be agreed because to be a wife and to have children - this is happiness for them. For them, marriage without a child - is something unnatural and unstable.
Russian women are very flexible. They can adjust to a lot of things: live in the neighborhood, imperfect couple, foreign culture, to adopt her husband’s religion. Russian women can fall in love sincerely with the man for his merits forgetting his disadvantages. For instance, tenderness, care and sense of humour will more than compensate the appearance attractiveness. Russian women can see the positive traits in a partner, and men feel it and appreciate. They set to find a compromise. If they do not like something in family life, they would not just slam the door and divorce. But they will try to identify the reasons of misunderstandings and will do anything to rectify the situation.
Also, Russian women take care of themselves to please men.
The beauty of Russian women has always been the source of many thoughts, sayings and enigmas for a long time. Many people try to understand and discover the secrets of their beauty, charm and glamor. So what is the secret of Russian beauties?
The first reason of the charming beauty is lifestyle. This is a sport as swimming, cycling, maintaining of an active life. Sports supports women in excellent physical shape and allow to be fit permanently.
Also, Russian women walking a lot and this is one of the main factor that makes them fit.
The second reason is the desire to be beautiful regardless of the nature of data. This is in the blood of Russian women! They are ready for everything in order to be beautiful, look very gorgeous and attract an attention. They go to spa, beauty salons, fashion shops in order to build their perfect appearance image.
As for the style of Russian women, they have a specific, eye-catching appearance. They prefer high heels and tight clothing that accentuates the figure.
As for the make-up as a whole, Russian lady loves make-up. They know how to highlight winning features of the appearance and get spectacular results.
A part of the image as perfume is also very important for Russian women and allows them to create complete image.
Russian young women go out on the street everyday as on the runway: hairstyle, make-up, the best clothes, manicure, pedicure, perfume to go for a shopping or just to supermarket to buy any food.
Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, as elsewhere. We are all different ... But when foreigners come to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, they always say that Slavic girls and women are the most amazing and unique.


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