Unexpected Success in Finding Love

Sunday, March 8, 2015

As a single mother, Alena was not looking for love; instead, she was focused on being a great mother.  She had no expectations or illusions of happily ever after.   In fact, after love had failed her and it seemed that all the “good guys” were taken, Alena resolved that perhaps her chance for love had passed and love was just not meant to be. 

Alena busied herself with the monotony of work, school and her daughter’s activities.  Alena watched as her friends, relatives and colleagues relished every delicious electrifying moment of falling in and out of love.  She listened as a dutiful friend as they experienced the raw emotions that come with willing to embrace all that life has to offer with arms wide open, whether it was gushing with excitement or crying.  As the days passed, months and years passed, Alena had become accustomed to her routine, but missed having that someone special with whom she could share life’s highs and lows, intimate moments and companionship.  Until one day, Alena’s daughter surprised her with a unique request.  She wanted Alena to begin dating.  And in that moment, Alena allowed herself to open her heart to the idea.  She felt giddy with possibilities, giddy with anticipation and was willing to at least try. Now that she is ready and open to meeting the One, where?

After not meeting the One through blind dates, work, the grocery store, the gym and so on, she decided to try online dating, to meet and explore the personalities of available single men.  What Alena discovered was priceless.  Somewhere out there, the perfect One was indeed waiting to meet her. 

Alena’s real life fairytale continues to be written.  It can, it does and it will happen.  Follow as we share Alena’s story and watch how it unfolds.  You too can discover love’s endless possibilities beyond your borders at Matchpassport.com. 

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